Fall mini session


Fashion photo-shooting for @cottonunicorn_

This a new photo session of the modern and young clothing brand @cottonunicorn_

It was done in one breath and in a very professional way.
Now I have one more spot in my list of beautiful places in Vienna.
all photos: Oksana Guzenko 


Photos from of the my photo project.

I really liked it.


photoproject Queen

Soon there will be many new photos.

Makes the first family photoproject in Vienna 😉




In August and September

1 hour photoshoot

10 photos

Hello everyone!

I’ve made a photo session for myself 😉

I was recently given a beautiful angel, doll Tilda.

So, I’ve made a photo with her!









© Оксана Гузенко 2015 guzimage.com

Like a Queen

The summer came In Vienna. Very warm and everything is nice.

I started a series of photo shoots LikeaQueen – wonderful moms and their kids are so beautiful! A huge amount of material – which is so nice to work)











The Gallery would filled up with beautiful photos soon.

Photos: Oksana Guzenko 




The real spring comes in Vienna.

Everything wakes up and the flowers bloom










The long-awaited photo sessions will begin soon!

(с) Гузенко Оксана

Easter Fair April 5, 2015 in Vienna

On Saturday I visited the Easter Fair at the church of St. Nicholas in Vienna.

It was very cute: willow branches at the entrance and a lot of Russian emigres. Many shops with native Slavic products: honey, pavloposadskie scarves, dolls and of course the flower wreaths (my new passion).


















Photos by Oksana Gouzenko

Floral wreaths in Vienna: Hairbands with flower